Get Rid of Unwanted Car Scratches

A scratched car is a relatively common occurrence that, at best, detracts from your car’s appearance and value, and, at worst, causes rust and eventual structural damage if not repaired promptly. Some people are quick to discount the importance of repairing scratches and will leave them alone or attempt to make the repair themselves. Unfortunately, at-home car scratch repairs seldom have optimal results. In most cases, people spend time, money and effort only to end up with an ugly, patchy job. For best results, professional care is recommended. Look for experienced car scratch repair professionals if you want to have your car looking as good as new in a short time.

A qualified scratch repair specialist will be sure to complete all the steps necessary so that the finished work will leave your paint job looking brand new. The first step is preparing the area so that the paint will adhere smoothly. First, the auto technician will smooth the area around the scratch to create an even surface; in some cases, hand sanding may be needed. Then, any foreign substances such as dust or grit will be carefully cleaned off the metal using specialized cleaning supplies.

Once the scratched area is ready for its new paint, your auto specialist will have to select a color that will exactly match the rest of the car. This is one of the reasons why it is best to have your scratched repaired by professionals: they have access to ranges of paints and paint-mixing supplies that are not available to retail consumers. If you do not want your car to look sloppy and patched up, take advantage of the options offered by a qualified auto specialist, who will be able to create a custom paint mix to match the rest of your car, making the repaired area completely unnoticeable.


The next step consists of using a compressed air gun to apply a primer to the area that will be painted, so that the paint will adhere in a smooth, even layer. Then the technician will use the air gun to apply layers of paint. Typically, the technique of paint application will involve applying multiple thin layers to ensure a smooth coat and even color. As a final step, your auto professional will also spray clear coating paint to protect the paint underneath, improve shine and allow the newly painted area to blend in with the rest of the car.

Most types of scratch repair are performed fairly quickly. A professional auto detailer will have the experience, knowledge and tools to have your car looking sparkling new. Visit this website to learn more about car scratch repair in Clayton.


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