Steering Wheel Vibration Might Mean You Should Replace Your Axles

If your steering wheel vibrates while you’re on the road, you might be a little freaked out. And rightfully so – steering wheel vibration is definitely not something you should ignore. One of the most common causes of this disturbing problem is your car’s axles, which could be out of alignment. Experts in CV axle replacement in Pacific Beach can take a look at your jittery vehicle and tell you whether the current axles need to go.

Without axles, the wheels on your car would not rotate, and your car wouldn’t go anywhere. These crucial components of your vehicle must be carefully aligned so that your car can drive straight without jitters. Many cars today have what’s known as “CV axles”, which are narrow shafts that link the wheels to the transmission gears. These axles are so named because they contain constant-velocity (CV) joints, which aid in the transmission of power through changing angles without causing friction to increase. They are of particular importance in front wheel drive automobiles.

Although CV joints are crucial to the power of many vehicles, they can sometimes malfunction and require replacement. This usually occurs as a result of wear and tear in the rubber boot (also known as a CV gaiter) that protects the joint. Any crack in this protection material could let outside substances contaminate the joint itself. If this happens, CV axle replacement in Pacific Beach will be the only way to make sure that your car is safe to drive.

In addition to steering wheel vibration, other signs that you might need to have your CV axle replaced include a clicking noise that happens when you accelerate at a relatively low speed around a right hand turn. If you don’t get this checked out, your CV axle will eventually fail with a huge showdown of loud bangs and crunches. You’ll be left without any forward thrust whatsoever, and you’ll need to take your car to the CV axle replacement experts right away. It’s better not to let things get to this point.

Any unexplained clicks or vibrations in your vehicle are a serious cause for concern. Unless you can definitively chalk that clicking noise up to a pebble that’s been temporarily caught in the lower part of your car, you should get things checked out. The consequences of letting such things run their course could be catastrophic, and your car will be significantly less safe to drive even if the ultimate breakdown doesn’t occur for some time. Click here for CV axle replacement in Pacific Beach as soon as those clicks and jitters show up.


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