5 Maintenance Repairs to Extend Your Car’s Life

There are some maintenance repairs you should stay on top of if you are hoping to extend the life of your car. Not all problems are readily detectable, but if you follow these five guidelines, it will greatly reduce the chance of an issue arising in the first place.

Making sure your oil is always new and clean should be one of the top priorities of a car owner. If you don’t change your oil often enough, harmful deposits will build up, lowering your vehicle’s fuel economy and power. Also, oil lubricates your engine and keeps it cool by reducing friction. If the oil becomes too gummy or watery, both of which can happen from the continual exposure to the engine heat, then it won’t be able to do its job properly. This means that your car will be working hotter and harder, thus reducing its lifespan.

Following the recommended service intervals from the manufacturer’s manual is an important part to keeping your car running smoothly. The recommended time between each service will be different depending on what car you own, but whatever it is, make sure to stick to it. Regular maintenance will tend to involve rotating your car tires, replacing your air filter and changing your oil. The rotation of your tires and the changing of your air filter will both help fuel efficiency and lengthen your engine’s life.

Most cars call for a timing belt replacement at 60 thousand miles. Even though you may be tempted to put it off, when your timing belt is past due for replacement, in most modern cars, it becomes a real hazard. At best, if your timing belt breaks, your pistons and valves will collide, bending your valves. At worst, your piston and cylinder wall will be damaged.

Having your brake pads checked is important not only for your car, but also for your own safety. Brake pads have a metal strip in them so that when they are too worn, you will hear a screeching sound. If your brakes screech at normal braking pressures, take them in to be replaced as soon as possible.

Generally, power steering fluid, brake fluid and coolant should be replaced every two years. Make sure, though, to check your owner’s manual for specific instructions regarding your specific make and model.

Most people will not be able to do the vast majority of the repairs listed here by themselves. When you need repairs or maintenance, it would be wise to go to a mechanic. Click here if you’re looking for car repair in San Diego.


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